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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm having some problem syncing folders. I set up two devices to sync via the internet over a cable connection with decent up/down speeds. One machine is running Windows 7 the other is Windows 8. Both are running the latest build of BTSync 2.2. Originally I was running 1.4 but it was recommended to me that we upgrade to the latest to take care of some peer connecting problems. That issue seems to be fixed. I was able to consistently connect the peers and sync the two folders (although it took over 24 hours to sync 7 gigs of data at an average of ~60kbps... frustrating!) Now that t
  2. I'm a new user of Sync so please bear with me. We're synching two drives on two different LANs via the Internet. The sync happens beautifully, when it gets around to it. It seems to take a long time for the Bittorrent client to actually start synching once a drive gets updated. One would think that the sync would be fairly instantaneous from the point when a drive changes, but it's not. The client can sit there for many minutes before it decides to start the sync. First it starts indexing, then it it might change to "Out of Synch" for a while - sometimes a long while. Then eventually it will
  3. My friend is having trouble with opening the installation files on his computer. They ask for permission to open, and then nothing happens. I am not sure if he uses 32 bit or 64 bit, but we have tried both installers.
  4. I've used Sync 1.x successfully for a simple sync task. Following the 2.0 upgrade I'm unable to perform the same task. The simple task is to sync the public pictures and documents folders on two Windows 8 laptops used interchangeably by my wife and I. We travel independently a lot. We appreciate having the latest versions of shared pictures/docs available locally on whichever laptop we're using. In layman's terms (I admit that's what I am with IT matters), with Sync 1.x the public folders on the two separate laptops were directly linked. Whatever changes were made to files in the folde
  5. Hi, Because of the poor network equipment that is on-site, we got 11 sites that needs BTS to be running out of a schedule. Those sites needs BTS to be close during business hours. When I first set-up the schedule task, all of them were functional but after a while, some of them begin to do a strange behavior. In fact, 6 out of 11 aren't working anymore. When BTS start, triggered by the schedule task, one of the share folder is showing this error: " Error: BitTorrent Sync cannot identify the destination folder" If I start BTS manually, everything is fine. 4/6 are Windows 8 Pro 2/6 are
  6. Hi, we are using BTsync on a family PC which is shared between the family members. Every user account has a share folder that is synced to the laptop of the family member in the local lan. Usually the shared desktop PC is running most time of the day and separate users are logged in at the same time. The problem is: BTsync is only started for the first user logging in. If I switch the user, BTsync stays closed for the second user, thus only the share of the first user logged in to the machine is available on the lan for synchronization. I was not able to find a solution in the forum or faq. Do