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Found 7 results

  1. We do want to hear from you what you want to see in SyncApp mobile version. Must have features, how you plan to use SyncApp on phone or tablet or anything else you want to share with us. To answer your immediate question: yes, we started developing SyncApp mobile and it will see the light of day quite soon.
  2. Hi Where is the data stored in windows phone. I have a nokia 820 it comes with 8GB internal memory and external SD card support. I had synced data to my windows (photos and videos). when i wanted to share these photo with my friends on the big tv screen i could not see it under video section. i can only see and play them from within the Bittorrent Sync app. When i connect my phone to my computer i do not see the file. So where are the files kept. I hope they are not stored in the phone's internal memory. This could be a huge limiting factor for people with lower end phones with expandable memory. WhatsApp has implemented in such a nice way where they create a WhatsApp folder and store all the photos and videos sent by other people. Making it easy to share with other people. Thanks
  3. I am backing up my Windows Phone pictures using Bittorrent Sync, and when it (finally) connects to my Mac it usually works fine. But I can never get the sync to fully finish as BT Sync on my Mac says it is trying to copy "809 files to" my Windows Phone. Which is strange, given that my Mac got a read-only link from the mobile device ... Something seems fishy here :-/
  4. All, I just bought a Windows Phone and I want to install Bittorrent Sync on it. I see on the Store only the 2.0.x version, but the rest of my installation is based on 1.4 (I have a central "repository" for my family with 20+ folders). Do you know where I can find an installer for 1.4 version? Thanks Nicola
  5. Hello, I have noticed Sync doesn't include RAW photos (*.dng) in the Camera Roll backup, only the *.jpg ones. Some Lumia phones support capturing in RAW with Lumia Camera and save them along with the JPEG copies. Also, it should be great to backup custom folders entirely. As far as I know, in the current version it's only possible to select files but not folders. Thanks, keep up the good work!
  6. Sometimes, when I try to open a folder in BitTorrent Sync, I get the message "Your access to this folder is not approved by folder owner" and I'm unable to access my data. After waiting a couple minutes and trying again, it just works. Or at least, after a peer synched with my phone. I'm not sure what's causing this. I have the built-in windows phone filesystem encryption enabled and installed the latest release ( of BitTorrent Sync today.
  7. I've downloaded the latest app from the link on this site. When linking to a folder I scan a QR code, at the point where it appears to recognise the QR code the app crashes and takes me back to the app screen. However, if I create a new share using the Windows 1.3.67 client on my PC, that code will work. It only appears to be older shares I created some time ago (around version 1.28). The work around I have for this is to delete and recreate any share I want to use with my windows phone. Sync version: Phone is a Nokia 928 running Nokia Black