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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I learn that recently you have added a feature for sync to be installed on SD card for windows phone. This is very good. The probleme is that the file is still hidden inside the app jail. Not seeing the file is not a probleme for me... the only think I would like is to see the file inside my music library. What I am trying to do is to have a share database of my music, and the trasfere via torrent of music inside my phone is jut what i was looking for... The idea is, groove is made to discover music on sd card and index them inside his library. and apparently groove (the windows music app) is not able to see the music file stored inside the Sync Jail. I wonder if there is a way for this to happen, like a third party app that we can download, or i missed something, or you are about to code something that way ? thank you for all
  2. On 9 Oct 2015 my Windows Phone app automatically updated to This appears to have broken the app and removed my syncs. When I open the app now I do not see the previously shared folders I had there and the status page just says "loading". I'm not even sure how to fix this as I don't even seem to have the ability to add a new folder to share. Do I just bite the bullet and wipe and reinstall the app?
  3. I've just noticed that I have quite a lot of pictures and videos missing from the last half of April. You can see here that there is a gap 12-24 April, and then only a few files for the rest of the month: Here you can see that files do exist: The following two screenshots I think show that syncing has finished (I do sync regularly, so these files should have had plenty of opportunities to sync), although there are some inconsistencies on the phone app.