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Found 5 results

  1. I've an old Atom based NetBook that I'm reprovisioning to use as a BTSYnc 'hub' for home use. I proven the concept by installing Ubuntu 15.10 in a partition alongside the existing Windows XP, but it's quite a heavyweight OS for what I'm doing here. Can anyone suggest the most lightweight linux that I might provision in order to run BTSync ? I'd also like to occupy the entire disk, wiping out XP once & for all. I'm not the most technically capable individual, tending to Google myself each step of the way. Hence, please don't presuppose a high level of competence on my part ! Thanks all.
  2. I have just one folder shared across a laptop and two desktop machines. Two machines are running Windows 7 and I am therefore running BT Sync 2.1; but the third machine needs to keep running Windows XP for the time being (long story!) and so I have BT Sync 1.3 on that. All was running fine, the two Win 7 machines upgraded to 2.0 when it came out and all continued without incident. Yesterday I had to reformat and fully reinstall on one of the Win 7 machines. I 'fiddled' with BT Sync without fully understanding what I was doing but eventually managed to get the two Win 7 machines talking to each other and syncing fine. However, I now seem to have broken the link between both of those and the third Win XP machine. Ver 2.1 on the Win 7 machines seems to have a 'key' which is different from the 'secret' in the Ver 1.3 install on Win XP... and when I try to copy the secret / key between the two machines, each says the code from the other is invalid. Any help welcomed here, please
  3. Hello I think that there should be bittorrent sync 2.0 for windows 2003 server, windows XP and Windows Vista. The actual version 1.4 via web interface is not sufficient. Are there any possibility to say to developers that they consider this possibility? The software is wonderful.
  4. Hi, maybe I'm using an exotic constellation btsync is running in ubuntu vm, this vm is using files from an old xp vm (on same laptop), filesystem NTFS btsync should sync this data to other ubuntu systems and an raspberry pi Now I noticed that all files using german letters (äöü...) are not synced If I rename one of this file not using german letters file is synced immediately. I read this hint on support page: Ubuntu can use this files and filenames without any problem, why btsync agent can use this file for syncing, running on same ubuntu system? Files with german letters and hosted by an ubuntu system on EXT filesystem, can synced without any problems How can I sync files with german letters from NTFS from my old xp vm? Should I ran btsync agent on xp for this files? Will this help for german letters? If this help, how can I reuse read+write-key on xp system from my ubuntu vm? I can't use xp as another peer, because ubuntu and xp using same directory !!! I don't want to create a new key and delete old peer connections, which will have to resync again all other peers any help is welcome Frank
  5. I have bt sync running on osx, xp and ios all with no problems; except that the XP machine won't go to sleep whilst its running. Has anyone experienced this before? My hard disks are set to turn off after 30mins and the computer sleeps after 45mins of no use. Is it as simple as having to drop the hard drive sleep time below the max sync time preference? Seams the computer should go to sleep ignoring this 'background activity', or is that the issue; it's not seen as background activity? Should it be i.e. a bug? Thanks.