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Found 1 result

  1. Next time don't be so eager to lock a thread when even the TS has not had time to respond to the useless (and bad) 'arguments' for not supporting it. XP x64 uses the same codebase as Server 2003 x64, 99% of its hotfixes are working perfectly fine in XP x64 Edition; And indeed, there has never been a SP3 for XP64 because there is a huge difference with XP x86. As far as I know, XP x64 is so rarely used because it is released using Volume Licenses internally, and Microsoft made a couple of silly mistakes with those when another team finished Vista x64 early, but hey, that is inside knowledge they prefer not to be too well-known. XP x64 is their secret, best OS ever to appear on the market, but they'd lose a LOT if audiences would stick with XP x64 instead of going the road of the stupidified 7 or 8 designs. Oh and then the idiots stating "the rest of the world has moved on" when it's quite clear XP x64 Edition is still performing way faster with current day hardware than Windows 7 or WIndows 8 ever will. Not even mentioning how buggy Windows 7 still is today, while my XP x64 machines never freeze on me one bit. One great clue on that fact might be that many IT-folk and scientists in general, but especially those who do benchmark and testing research at Micron Technology are still using XP Pro x64 to do their (best) IO testing on for NAND and SSD development in general. Maybe that's why you should care. Obviously 'the' developers are having a hard time supporting XP x64 Edition, because, guess what, they're as lazy as most of you, it's extra work. Here's a clue: Open source your Sync app code, we'll make it support XP64 for you, you dimwits!