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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am testing Sync Basic ahead of setting up the entire network for Sync pro. As MacBook Pro-s (MBP) with latest Yosemite always crashed in sleep-mode I uninstalled Sync and crashes didn't occur again. As long as Sync had been installed, MBPs didn't seem to really "go asleep" (remained very hot), lost fluent memory content and started restoring content from long before turning into sleep mode. Is that issue known? Is there a work around? Is there any feature in Sync Pro, that could avoid that. Thanks in advance and best regards May
  2. There is no way to select the syncing of hidden files such as .vagrant and .gradle. Whilst I can view hidden files in Finder, I cannot see the same files in BT Sync when browsing the same folder to choose a hidden file (see attachement). I'm currently using version 2.0.105.
  3. On my laptop, several sync folders are on an external drive. I leave sync running all the time. I just noticed that, while the drive wasn't available, sync has grabbed (apparently randomly) a path to a different folder, on a different external drive. Now the original drive is back, it's saying 'folder not available' because it wants to sync with this folder it's randomly picked. Several other folders on the same drive aren't affected. It's a Macbook Air running Sync 1.4.106 on OS X 10.10.1. I previously ran Sync up to 1.3 with a similar set up and never had this problem; I installed 1.4 from scratch (i.e. re-adding all the folders) and it's been fine for a 5 days. I'm going to remove the rogue folder and re-add the proper one. The history doesn't indicate any damage done, and I hope this doesn't happen again - but any idea what the cause is, or how I can minimise the risk?
  4. Hello All, I wasn't able to find a post describing similar behaviour, so I'm hoping someone here can explain to me if what I'm noticing is normal or not. I've unchecked "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" but what I notice is that syncing doesn't resume until after the display wakes from sleep. Display is asleep, laptop is still running, hard-drive is not sleeping but the display is. I put my password in to see the desktop and then syncing resumes but not until I'm actively using the machine. What setting am I missing, or why is this happening? My assumption was that syncing would happen automatically, once the software noticed changes had been made to the syncing folders (after a 10 minute delay). V.1.4.93 Beta <-- all machines OS X Yosemite <-- all machines Thanks!