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Could you add another column under devices showing the version this node is running on?

I'm very happy to see the current development. You wouldn't let us test so much If you didn't have a good idea of how to proceedd and when to go public =)

I have currently several raspbery pi connected and update them by having the syncapp.bin in an syncapp folder it self awesome =)


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I would like to echo this request - in my experience, if a device is running a different version of SyncApp to other devices, it will no longer show up in the devices list/sync at all - it would be very useful for devices running a different version of SyncApp to still show up in the "Devices" tab, but indicate in some way that SyncApp needs updating on those devices

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The Newer builds never work with the older ones. Not that its a major issues but would be nice.

Yeah, hopefully in time SyncApp will be able to "auto update" itself without any user intervention, so that your devices will all be running the same, most up-to-date build!

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