.SyncIgnore is great but...

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abc.ext	  # Ignores ALL files of type .ext


Am I correct in assuming that this is a typo and instead of "abc.ext" it should be "*.ext" to ignore all type .ext ?

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Currently it is not, and we have this wish in the Wishlist.



Yes, its a typo. You should put "*.ext" to ignore some particular extension.

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- .SyncIgnore file which will be not synced along devices.

- .SyncIgnoreGlobal file which will be synced.

- .SyncControl file which can explain sync which files will be on-way synced (for example only get them and ignore local modifications or only send them and ignore remote modifications)

This is a good Idea.


So far .SyncIgnore configuration file CAN be different in each peer because it is not synced by the application (is this a bug?). Should this be a problem, I mean to have different .SyncIgnore files, the app should sync it as soon it is modified in any of the peers.


Otherwise my proposal is to have two files: .SyncIgnoreUp and .SyncIgnoreDown. SyncIgnoreUp will not publish local files in this file, while  .SyncIgnoreDown is the exclusion list that the user doesn´t want to download in that peer.


My other abd recommended proposal is to have just one file in each peer as it is now (equivalent to the .SyncIgnoreDown of my first proposal), Then the peers of a folder check the local and remote .SyncIgnore files to create the queue of files to sync between those two peers. This would create a rule when two peers have different .SyncIgnore files, giving this way a new functionality to the app.



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