Problem with certain file names

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I synced a directory of about 20GB (10K files) and there were two files that showed that they were each doing about 1.2MB/s for a while, but the files were only 8MB and 3MB in size. I let it run overnight figuring it was a display bug and the syncing was going on in the background even though each computer already had a mirror of the data. When I woke up the same two files were still going so I paused it. On the Windows side I had dupes of the files. One had the double quote character and the other had a  which looks like a bullet in explorer. On the Mac there was just one of each file with the double quote. I paused syncing and renamed them to 'inch' instead of the character and all is well. I have seen this problem with other syncing products in the past, but just thought I'd raise it.

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