lan_encrypt_data - UserGuide wrong or name idiotic?


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according to the user guide:

lan_encrypt_data - if set to true, will not use encryption in the local network

a) the user guide is wrong and "encrypt = true" means encryption is activated

B) the variable name is truely :-) idiotic and "encrypt = true" means encrytion is deactivated

How does BitTorrent Sync decide if a peer is local?

By ping time? By IP-adress?



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Sync decides it by IP address, it is local if it belongs to the following ranges:

Kos, will there be a way for users to also manually specify additional IP addresses that should be considered "local" too?

Those who use Hamachi, for example, to create a "virtual lan" between their remote devices, will find each connected device is assigned a 25.x.x.x IP. SyncApp should really consider these devices "local" as well, as direct connections can be established to them without needing to go via a Bit Torrent tracker/relay server!

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These ip addresses are real, so you might have an issue accessing real 25.x.x.x resource from the VPN. However 25.x.x.x belongs to DINSA, Ministry of Defence of GB, so this might be not a case for majority of users.

We might add configuration for this in future.

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IIRC the MOD address space 25/8 is assigned to them but it's used on private networks without direct internet connection.

Pragmatically it's used just like 10/8 but actually belongs to the MOD instead of the IANA and you're only likely to run into problems if you connect your machine to an MOD network ... that's probably illegal and will earn you a stint in a military jail.

So it's probably safe unless someone else notices...

NB: is also unrouted and reserved.

NB: Unlike 14/8 which used to be a lot like 10/8 but was rarely used and is now allocated to APNIC.

NB: The best is 240/4 these addresses are all unallocated and can be used for any private use you like ... except Windows; Microsoft windows considers these as illegal addresses!?

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if lan_encrypt_data - if set to true, it should use encryption in the local network, this would be logically!

this confused me most while setting up my configuration.

please make it clear and logically.

As kos previously reported earlier in this thread, this was a mistake in the user guide, which has since been corrected.

So to clarify, if lan_encrypt_data is set to "true" BitTorrent Sync WILL use encryption in the local network

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