Help with installation on QNAP TS-110


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I currently syncapp that works wonders on Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.04.

But I want it to work on my Qnap TS-110, where can I find a tutorial?

I do not know where to send my file, and commands it to start at the same time as the QNAP.

A QPKG is available ?

Sorry for my english, I'm french.

Thank you.


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Are you really sure you want to automatically sync your Qnap? I had been thinking along similar lines. I have my three main work computers synchronised, but I'm very glad I have a NAS which gets updated once a day by a global Robocopy command from one of my main Windows machines to copy everything to the NAS. The problem with synchronisation without any main backup is that if you delete a file in one place by mistake, it gets deleted everywhere.

So I'm much happier to depend on an old-fashioned copy command for my NAS... although obviously at intervals I need to delete some of the double files that build up because I've moved files around into different folders at some stage.

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I can't really help you with this model, since I don't have it. But general steps are.

1. You need to get ssh access to the NAS.

2. download arm version of Sync and unzip it

3. put it to NAS

4. use ssh to login to your NAS, I believe default login password should be admin:admin

5. do chmod +x btsync

6. Start Sync ./btsync

7. In the browser go to http://your_nas_ip:8888 and configure Sync

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I have made an installation package which downloads arm version of btsync, installs it and creates necessary startup scripts and configuration file.

I using it by my own, of course and for me it works.

You can download it here:

Place this tar.gz into the root directory, then run:

# tar zxvf qnap-btsync.tar.gz

# cd qnap-btsync

# ./

Your suggestions and contributions is much appreciated (@sitnin) =)

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I had the configuration I forgot to note in this regard.

Everything works for 1 week.

Thank you so much I would do with your package later as it works without the automatic start.

edit : The link says "Cannot GET /qnap-btsync.tar.gz"

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