Error on ARM device (my router with dd-wrt)

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Hi, Everybody!

This night I tried to use BTsync. It's greatly works on my MB Air, on Mac OS 10.7.5, last Ubuntu Server x64 and Windows 8.


I have some strange bug, while trying to start it on my arm-based router with dd-wrt (DLink DIR-320).

(It's all ok about router, there are web-server and some more usefull things)

As in instruction I copied file from archeive and trying to run it...

There are problem, I have :


Do anybody knows why ?

P.S. Please, forgive me for my English :)

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Here is uname -a.


Here are md5 sums. They are same in mac and dd-wrt.

What did I do wrong ?



Thanx. I have in my disposal DLink-320 only. But there are dd-wrt and here is the list of routers supported by this linux. ( Only the problem you would to solve is an out of free space without external storage (that you could connect with some magic ;) ). And community has good wiki (

I think that any router with dd-wrt would support BTsync.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Really? I'd think that there are as many MIPS chips out there as ARM ones in consumer grade devices. Think of all of the routers, NAS boxes, media players etc...

I really wish we had the source code so that we could just recompile it!

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