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Hi all,

I'm trying to package BitTorrent Sync for NixOS distributions and even though I can solve this issue for NixOS, I'd like to ask for a small improvement for all Linux distributions.

Could Bittorrent Sync releases be versioned? That is, every release have a version in tarball name. That would allow downloads to have checksums and distributions to rely on latests "known working release".

Cheers, Domen

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Just to add to this, if this were to implemented at some stage, it would perhaps still be a good idear to also maintain an unchanging named download too - i.e. "btsync.latest" - for those users who want to use wget, etc to retrieve the latest build. If all the builds were to have the version number forming part of their actual file names, you'd have to know the exact version number of the latest build in order to install on your NAS, etc

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