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Very nice application that also run on NAS with ARM CPU. But what is a proper stop procedure for the btsync daemon? killall btsync is enough?

If it is started with btsync --config /some/folder/sync.conf and later new folders to sync are added, will when daemon is stopped this new folder be saved inside config file and resynced when daemon is started again?

Thank you and looking forward to the new versions.

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Can you look to any error log in event viewer?

1. right click my computer

2. click manage

3. goto: computer management -> systeme tools -> event viewer -> application

Wrong thread? He wasn't asking for help with a crash/error, he was asking how to close the program (On linux, from what it looks like).

AS for your 2nd question OP, yes, it'll save the configuration through restarts of the program & resync any updated/deleted files upon restart.

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Yes. My question was for Linux daemon. And I think I got it. killproc btsync seems to be enough and when I restart it with btsync --config /some/folder/sync.conf it will continue to sync preadded folder from my Windows PC.

Works perfectly!

Thank you again.

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