Actually making .SyncIgnore work

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Are the contents of your .SyncIgnore files identical on ALL devices you're syncing between? If not, they should be! ...but you need to make these changes to the .SyncIgnore files with BitTorrent Sync not running. Only when you've made the changes to all the corresponding .SyncIgnore files on your various devices should BitTorrent Sync then be run.

"*.iso" should then exclude all .iso files from syncing.

There's a few more examples of how to use .SyncIgnore files in the Unofficial FAQ

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I have also found the current .SyncIgnore behavior unhelpful for managing public collections that are read/write. Someone keeps adding huge rmvb videos to a collection of ebooks. I wouldn't really care if I could configure .SyncIgnore to not sync these files to me.

If this has been discussed so many times, perhaps it should be clarified in the unofficial FAQ?

Wouldn't it be nice to have the hooks to call out to external programs before and after a file is transferred? That would enable completely custom syncignore behaviors.

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