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BoxCryptor with SyncApp experiences anybody? (Good so far)

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Just loaded up BoxCryptor for windows on one side and done EncFS for Ubuntu on the other side, all seems cool to me.

Anybody else been playing with the pairing to get the "encryption at the friends house" situation covered?

Cheers Mark

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Yep - I've experimenting with this too.

I've got 4 machines syncing, 3 Macs and a RaspberryPi (I'm going to add a Windows7 machine too over the weekend if I find time).

I've intentionally _not_ got BoxCryptor installed on one of the Macs, and I'm using EncFS on the RaspPi.

It all looks like it's working as expected - the Mac without BoxCryptor gets the synced files but only as unusable encrypted blobs (and TimeMachine on that Mac is backing up the encrypted BoxCryptor file, and that backup copy is useable if I copy it to a machine with BoxCryptor and the appropriate key).

I've only thrown a few dozen files at this setup so far, with BTSync still being "alpha" software - I'm not yet ready to trust it with important data...


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I just wanted to share my success of using BTSync and EncFS. I tried BoxCrypter for Mac, but I didn't like how my friend could still see the filenames (didn't want to pay for the service) so I used vanilla EnFS to do it.

I used the help of this page:

However, i had to muck about with homebrew, xtools etc to get EncFS installed, just to find it was probably installed with BoxCrypter!

Anyway, I like it

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There are a couple of problems with EncFS (and ecryptfs):

- It's horribly slow.

- Dokan does not work on Win8 which is a dependency.

- On Unix systems if you also want file permissions and ACLs you have to give up even more performance.

And for last: BTSyc would waste resources to re-encrypt everything for transfers.

If there won't be official encrypted nodes feature someone will probably figure something out

and implement it using the API.

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