Following symlinks in Linux?

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If BTSync followed the symlink instead of transferring the link itself, it would act much like Junction Points on Windows, and would be preferable.

I use Junction Points on Windows to link everything I want to sync from my profile into a single BTSync directory, and would love to do the same with Linux and FreeBSD.

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Actually, it's not perfect at the moment, I'd want symlinks transferred to the Windows client too.

So would I. I just added a request for this to the wishlist here:

so I won't repeat the details here.

No doubt this would need to be configurable at the folder level or at the link level, because some people want symbolic links to be copied as links, others want to access their contents. For my application I would want the contents at the target to be delivered. As you'll see in the other posting, I'm talking about one-way sync, using read-only secrets.

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