Initial sync fine, adding new files never resumes

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Using Linux GUI in a web browser on 2 machines. Have done this while connected to same network, and while on different IPs. Sync works just fine if one computer has a folder and shares that with second from local LAN or internet. However, neither computer can add files to the folder such that second computer will sync those too. Sync works only once and only in one direction. I have restarted both computers, started BT Sync with one, then the other and vice versa, have deleted on receiving computer and then used same folder, and it does not work.

Is there any way to force bt sync to detect additional files and sync them. The files index on both but never pick up the additional files. It seems like it is a 'one time' deal only with it.

The log files read as follows. I see they are a month out "04" which is not the date on the computer.

[20130407 11:05:05] Loading config file version 1.0.116

[20130407 11:06:27] Loaded folder <repeated lines with the name of every sync folder>

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debug.txt doesn't seem to register anything at all. I did as the instructions say: create in .sync folder, put FFFF in it. Maybe something's also up with that?

I installed the newest version, nothing. So then I deleted a folder from both computers and then re-added with a new 'secret' which appears to work.

It appears to me that if "mutual syncing", i.e., two way syncing does not work, you have to do this manually, and you also have to do it manually with "dynamic syncing", i.e., adding files after it has synced. I will run this forward for a bit, and see if it picks up after computers are shut off and/or move locations. I'm thinking there is still something not quite right yet with syncing after the first go.

All said: it is a great idea, and probably nearly there.

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This is what I have on 4 computers, some with Mate and some with xfce desktop.

Kernel : Linux 3.2.0-23-generic (i686)
Compiled : #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:41:14 UTC 2012
Distribution : Linux Mint 13 Maya

I'm on one of the computers I haven't used much, and just connected for an initial test sync. I have both used and not used a config file. The only thing I've ever done is make it listen on versus No diff. Though I do think the standard config should not be to

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Have confirmed the issue. I added a test file from one computer, went to 2nd location and it is not synced. In second location, I added a 2nd test file, also not synced. The problem remains. Initial sync is fine, adding files after syncing does not work. You have create a new folder and use a new secret, at least in Linux GUI in web browser.

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Okay then. I did not know that.

Looked at sync.log. First thing is that it records the dates that are in May one month ago, i.e., 201304xx.

The log contains only lists of stuff has been synced. So far. I'll look for other stuff and report.

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There was something in the logs about a "file too long" error. After I have renamed the file with a shorter name, sync resumed. Now It seems to work when I add new files. It may be a coincidence, i'll check if this problem happens again.

Btw i've seen in the logs that btsync sends a "rename" command instead of redownloading the entire file. That's awesome. Does it detects if I move the file in a subdirectory ?

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