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I'm using gentoo, so i made an ebuild + init script for btsync.

If someone wants to use it, it's on my overlay:

It has an init-script and conf.d file, so you can start btsync as system daemon on startup.

The configuration file for the system daemon resides in /etc/btsync.conf

You have to configure the user(most likely your normal system user) as which btsync is run in /etc/conf.d/btsync

The only real important setting is the pidfile, as the init system relies on it to be created in the right place, so don't change the preset path.

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Hey there, I also wrote an ebuild for Btsync - concentrating on getting systemd support right. My build has some attempted init.d support in it, but as I do not use init.d on any of my machines, I have no idea whether it works. 


I will try to follow your example to ensure that my ebuild properly supports init.d. You could also pull from me for systemd support.


My ebuild is here, and I also wrote this nice tutorial/description for how my ebuild deals with systemd.

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