Sync doesn't auto-start after unrar'ing to sync folder

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On my Ubuntu 12.04 server, if I unrar to my btsync folder, btsync doesn't start the sync. In fact, it seems that no matter how long I wait, it never starts (did a 15 min test just now). However, if I touch the file after it unrars, btsync notices it and immediately syncs it. If I unrar to a different folder and move or copy it to my btsync folder, it begins syncing immediately.

I've yet to try unrar'ing one file to the btsync folder, watching it not sync and then later copy a second file to the btsync folder. I wonder if both files will then sync or just the 2nd one.

Is this behavior expected? Am I doing something incorrectly?


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I was doing another test, and this time after approximately 45 minutes (never waited that long before), it started sync'ing. I've read that there's a default 10 minute "auto-scan", but that didn't seem to happen here. Is the default scan for Linux longer because you're counting on the OS to notify you of file changes? I'm going to try some further testing to see if I can repeat this behavior.

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Ok, only the most recent file sync'd. So now on my server, I have three files in the sync dir and at home, only one. btsync webui at home (not running webui on server) shows only a single file, sync'd.

I looked a bit further on my server and noticed that the two files that did NOT sync, are not showing a file time, only a date.... I'm not sure why one unrar would set the time, but the other two would not.

In shot below, two with rectangles did not sync until I touch'd them. Middle one sync'd right away on it's own.


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Sounds like unrar might be doing something odd, at a guess it's setting a future date on the files.

Can you do this command on the files:

$ ls -l --full-time

Also I expect this should be logged as a bug ... http://forum.bittorr...-syncapp-issue/

But not before you try it on the most recent version.

BTW: There is an Edit button on your posts; if you want to add more to a post you can do it directly.

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