ruTorrent v3.4 (w/

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No it wouldn't. You do realize you have to download everything from the seedbox if you want to use what you torrented?

Of course you could stream, but you need a pretty good connection for that so you might as well just torrent at home (if you can).

But I think the OP wants to sync a folder up to the seedbox via rtorrent/rutorrent.

Well that works differently, you'd have to rehash the whole folder and create a .torrent file to upload everytime.

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It sounds like he wants to use it to automate syncing his warezed files to his local PC from his torrent box, and if his torrent program does not only move finished downloads into the synced folder but does the actual downloading there, that would re-hash and re-sync in-progress downloads all the time, wasting boundless CPU time/electricity as well as probably wasting gobloads of bandwidth.

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