Auto-update/manual update problem - way to improve

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In one of the computers I use to sync files I am having a problem to auto-update BTSync, since bittorrent.com and labs.bittorrent.com are filtered. Therefore, it can't auto-update itself.

Instead of auto-updating I updated the program manually, but..., how unhappy I was when I realized that of the configuration went away when I did so, and I had to manually re-add everything I had synced.

I suggest you two solutions to overcome this issue:

- Let the manual update check in there is a current installation, and if so, just update, instead of overwritting everything.

- Use BTSync protocol to auto-update, and don't just check the bittorrent.com domain.

And thank you for the program!

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First off, the auto-update isn't fully up and running yet anyway (i.e. if you're on 1.0.116, it doesn't yet alert you that there's an update available)

What version were you running prior to upgrading? Manually updating shouldn't override any previous configuration/settings... unless you were updating from a very early build of SyncApp/BitTorrent Sync and/or installing to a different location than previous, in which case this may be the reason your settings/configuration was lost... but generally speaking, "manually" updating from one version to the next should retain all your previous settings

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He didn't say, but, IIRC, *.95 to *.116 lost all the shares due to the change in the way secrets were handled.

But we keep coming back to "ALPHA SOFTWARE".

To me this means you should completely remove the old version before installing the new version.

Unless you happen to be testing auto update, of course.

BTW: BTSync is nice in that way; so far it uninstalls very cleanly.

BTW2: I have, of course, tried updating in place without clearing out things. It seems to mostly work but you're likely to have old (lets say) "rubbish" in your sync.dat file, left over from old bugs, and this "rubbish" can't always be clean out by the new version.

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So, it seems I can't update and keep all my folders synced, having to manually re-add everything.

This is only the case when updating, as rdebath has indicated, from 1.0.95 to 1.0.116. (I think, if memory serves, it was actually between 1.0.95 and 1.0.99 that fundamental changes were made to SyncApp (as it was then known!), which meant that folders had to be re-added). However, once you're on 1.0.116 for example, updating to 1.0.128, 1.0.130, or 1.0.132, etc WILL retain all your sync'd folders - you won't need to manually re-add them after every update!

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