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I'm syncing a single 200GB directory with around 90,000 files between two systems. The sync.log file on one computer is fairly small and coming in at a meg and a half. The log on the second computer, which is the one that was added to the secret created by the first, has a log file that, in 2 days, has grown to 8.4 gigs.

If I close BTSync, rename the log file, and reopen it, the log file grows quickly to 32 megs within a few minutes of being open.

Is this normal? How big should the log be after running for a few days?

I'm running 1.0.130.

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Ahhh. Yes, I had turned on debug logging to try and troubleshoot a problem where the indexing was going slow. That resolve itself after I uninstalled, removed the BTsync folder, and reinstalled, re-adding the folder. I then turned on debug logging in case the problem with indexing re-occurred.


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