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I have high hopes for this bit torrent sync I hear it's really good.

However I have a great number of services disabled through services.msc in windows 7. I have disabled them 1 or 2 at a time in the past for varying reasons. But usually just to speed up my system and free unnessesary services I don't use.

In the past I have not been using torrents of anyting pnp on my windows box due to virus's and rootkits and stuff. I am not sure if the services I have disabled will have any effect on bittorrent sync though. I looked at the services.msc and there are a lot of services that mention p2p and other peer sharing wordage.

Here is my question: what services are required in windows 7 for bittorrent sync to work properly?

And while we're at it, what services are required for any torrent technology?



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If your Windows 7 machine can already connect to the internet, no additional services should need to be enabled/started in order to use BitTorrent Sync

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