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I have two computers (a desktop running linux and a macbook pro) that I'm trying to share a folder between them.

When I first set the folder up, it copied most of the files over, but for the last few days, it has been sitting saying "96.5bK up" (on the desktop) in the status. The sync on the macbook reports the status as 96.5kB down.

I went and added a new file to the folder on the Mac, and now both systems say there is 398.4 kB going the other direction (up from the mac, down on the desktop).

Both computers are on the same network, although they aren't both on the same network hub. The desktop is connected via a netgear 8 port wire hub, the mac via LinkSys wireless router. I know both computers can currently talk to each other because I use synergy to control my macbook from my desktop when I'm at home.

Both computers has been rebooted since the file started, yet both stay at the same status.

What can I do/try?

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I see same thing. One machine shows a Shared Folder size of 17.6 GB. Other machine shows same folder, with size of 14.9 GB.

Both machines show no activity in Transfers tab.

First machine shows "U:2.7GB" in the Devices tab. Second machine shows an up arrow with "2.4GB" in the Devices tab. This status has changed a few times - sometimes there's a U and a D value; sometimes there's an up and a down arrow, but then it settles down to the 2.7/2.4 values again. Meanwhile, nothing is being transferred.

So what's going on?

What do the U/D/arrow statuses mean in Devices?

And why is nothing transferring?

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Having the same problem here.

Version 1.0.134, both on Windows 7 64bit. Folder to sync ~ 750MB, 2500Files.

When I add the folder to BTSync on the second machine - it almost immediately starts creating all folders and fetches a bunch of files (~30 MB) ... and then it completly stops.

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Maybe I found the problem:

On my machine having all the files, there was an application running which had open some files in the to be synced folder ... After closing this application, all files could suddently be synced.

So it seems that open files can block btsync to continue/work as expected!?

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Jenny, thanks for the reply (sorry I didn't write anything until now)


Your idea didn't do the trick in my case.


In my case, it was due to two files on my desktop computer (RED-WOLF.JPG and red-wolf.jpg).  My other computer is case insensitive when it comes to filesnames, so it couldn't have both files.  Once I removed one of those files, sync completed happily.

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I had a similar problem trying to sync my 120GB photo collection from 64-bit Windows 7 to 32-bit Linux. It would always stop about 2/3 of the way through. The problem was a few videos from a first gen GoPro camera were time stamped with the year 2097, which is not a valid date for a 32-bit system.

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