Configuration: running on boot in Linux server

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I've read different documents that talk about the config file but I haven't been able to see any information about setting things up so that BitTorrent Sync starts automatically whenever the server reboots.

Can anybody tell me how to do this or point me to documentation that explains how to do it?


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Thanks Lightning for the quick response. I have one question about your script. From what I see you have to write the path to where your sync.pid lives. Would this be the same as the btsync binary? (I have it in /usr/bin). That's the same directory where the 'config.json' file (which I still haven't created) lives, right? Thanks again for your help.


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By default the pid file is in the .sync directory in your user home dir.

I recommend you keep the config file, and all the automatically created stuff in one folder (i.e. the .sync).

BTW you don't need the pid file to start and stop the script. It's for the status command to check if it's running.

That could be improved a bit and then a restart command would be pretty simple too.

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