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I can not seem to find out what this problem is. I have three PC's in my sync collection.

PCA - my work laptop at work

PCB - a work server that is always on and has access to internet

PCC - my home laptop

PCA and PCB sync really fast and perfectly as they are on the same lan. I had PCC at work and it synced perfectly on the lan.

Took PCC home and want to create a server scenario with PCB to keep everything in synced when my other computers are off.

UPNP opened up ports on both routers/ firewalls fine.

Turned on DHT, Use Tracker Server, use relay on each folder shared

While at work in the transfers tab, PCA shows PCC IP addess and says it is starting to sync files - they appear, but are always on 0kB/s up and down then disappear about 10-20 seconds - never initiating.

They appear and disappear constantly but never initiate a transfer.....

Any ideas?

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I have the same issue, I am using my two Windows 7 computers together with one of my linuxservers(running gentoo).

I have the same two Windows 7 machines connected to another Linuxserver(running ubuntu) and the sync works flawless between these computers.

The following output shows up in the debug log on the server running gentoo and I hope this could be of any help. :)

"[20130413 22:04:48] BAN peer: Responsible for 'magnet (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)' metadata not being loaded!"

"[20130413 22:04:48] Banned xx.xx.xx.xx:23455 until forever"

The peer that is banned is the first of my Windows 7-computers connecting to it, the other is not mentioned at all.

Does anyone know what to do here? Is it because it is running Gentoo? Also I do not have root-permissions on the Gentoo-server as this is a shared host.

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