Possible to specify my own tracker?

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That's unfortunate. I was evaluating bt-sync for an enterprise solution, but inability to specify my own tracker creates at least 2 security vulnerabilities off the top of my head. First, anyone with access to the tracker is going to see the "secret" hashes, which means they can attach a client and slurp my data. Second, anyone can attempt to mine the hive by creating random hashes trying to find a collision. Admittedly the second is a longshot, but attackers are creative and resourceful. Also, as the service becomes more popular it will both become a more attractive target and correspondingly the likelihood of collision with a random string becomes more likely.

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I think Peer Exchange would suffice instead of a full blown tracker and PEX is already an implemented feature in the torrent client. You only need a few known hosts and the tracker can be disabled. The only thing left that you can't control is the periodical DHT flood but at some point I think everything will be configurable. I can't wait.

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