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I just set up BTsync on my local Linux Laptop. The problem is, that it only syncs with hosts on the Local Area Network. All other hosts (even if added manually as predefined hosts) are completely ignored. I also have a Windows machine in this network, which syncs fine to the remote hosts.

This is the config file I'm using for this machine:

The port 15000 is forwarded and reachable from the outside.

I manually rechecked the secrets several times, and they are definitely correct, because sync with another machine on the local network works, and that same machine DOES connect to the other hosts with the same secrets.

Restarting BTSync and rebooting the system did NOT fix this.

It doesn't connect to the remote hosts, whether or not other hosts are present in the LAN, so this does not seem to be the issue either.

Here's the last 1000 entries from the debug log:

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