Sync vs. Picasa vs. modified dates!

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I use Bittorrent Sync to synchronize "My Pictures", with tons of photos, to a server.

However, I encountered 2 problems doing that:

1) Sometimes when I move a photo to a different folder in the tree, its modified date is changed to the current date. This is very annoying, and it doesn't happen when I close sync.

2) Sync somehow prevents Picasa from watching folders. When I have sync enabled, Picasa does not learn about updated or deleted folders. When I restart Picasa with sync disabled (i.e., closed), it works normally...

All this in Windows 7, Picasa 3.9 (newest version)...

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Good. The Picasa thing is actually really easy to test. Add a folder watched by Picasa to Sync (e.g., My Pictures), then start picasa, add or delete some photos in this folder, and watch Picasa not doing anything. Then exit Sync and watch Picasa immediately picking up on the changes...

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Same here with Windows 8 64bit. I'm using BT Sync to sync the Pictures folder with my wife, as long as BT Sync is running then Picasa will not scan for updates. If I exit BT Sync then Picasa comes alive and starts scanning. If I start BT Sync again then Picasa stops scanning again. Currently this is my primary use for BT Sync and so this is an issue. I'll keep using it, but hopefully a method can be found for both programs to be able to watch the same folder at the same time.

In the meantime, I'm going to try mapping my pictures folder as a UNC drive or using the subst command to see if I can trick it into working...

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So I wonder why there's no statement by the devs regarding this.

I suspect because BitTorrent Sync is currently in "alpha", and therefore the developer's focus at the moment, quite rightly, is more on getting it working & stable on its own, and less on achieving compatibility with specific 3rd party applications.

Again, this is quite a specific use case that will only affect a very small subset of users - i.e. those using Picasa AND also syncing a folder that Picasa is monitoring.

You can certainly follow the steps in this thread for reporting your issue directly to the developers, but do bear in mind that issues relating to 3rd party applications are not necessarily the responsibility of BitTorrent Inc to resolve - if Picasa can't monitor folders that BitTorrent Sync is "syncing", maybe the problem lies just as much with Google and Picasa than with BitTorrent Sync?

Finally, seeing as this thread was started back when 1.0.134 was the latest version of Sync available - does the issue still occur when running the latest version of Sync? (1.1.15)

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I've just installed version 1.1.15 on both computers and the issue has been resolved! Looks like it was fixed before I even found out about it, but I had been running the 1.0 from the main site and assumed when I had it check for updates and it said there were none that it was true. The new version resolved the issue, I am seeing Picasa identify a new picture every few seconds as they copy over.

Thanks Vadimt!

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