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I use a vpn for connecting to work etc

and I've noticed if I start BTSync before the vpn it works fine with all the machines on my lan (That are also connected to the internet)

But if I start my VPN after the connections stay blank until the second I kill the openvpn connection then it all starts working again

I'm Running

Debian Wheezy (7) 64Bit

and Version 1.0.134 of BTSync

anyone else seeing this before I report a bug

I can't search for VPN as min search term is 4 letters

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I have the same problem, but I don't think it's a bug with BitTorrent Sync. This happens for me with any program or server I have on my internal network. Once i connect to work, all hostname (dns) inquiries go to my work dns servers which don't have my stuff listed.

I was able to get around most of the connection problems by using a router which adds a domain suffix to my hosts, ie family.lan. For instance, when I am not connected to my work VPN, I can access my NAS device by going to http://nas01. But, If I am connected to my work VPN I can't. I can get to it by going to however.

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