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Won't .SyncIgnore self be synced between computers?

No, you need to manually make changes to .SyncIgnore files on each of your devices - .SyncIgnore files are not sync'd themselves (neither are .SyncID files, or .SyncTrash folders)

There are some unreadable chars in .SyncIgnore

Yeah, I've raised this before with the developers - the default .SyncIgnore file has been poorly encoded!

The corrupt line reads:

"It supports ‘?’ and ‘*‘ wildcard symbols."

...whereas it should read:

"It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols."

...it's because they've used "fancy" quotes, which don't translate into UTF-8, instead of standard quotes - it's nothing to worry about, as it doesn't affect how the .SyncIgnore file functions (as the corrupt appears on lines that are commented out). It's also easily fixed, which hopefully the developers will get around to at some point!

It supports *** and *** wildcard symbols.

What's in *** in English?

Please see the unofficial FAQ for examples

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