Keeping .SyncTrash under control (until official solution)

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I created a set of rules to manage the size of the .SyncTrash folders. It really is a bit of a hack, but seems to work (please please test on dummy folder yourself before you trust this). It uses Hazel and thus is a Mac-only solution, but could be reproduced with a script on other platforms.

Get read-only access using R635ATSVHLPUENHGKIJBW7ZNOF42AGEFK

I'll try to update the files with improvements as time permits.


Hazel ( rules to automatically delete files contained in ./.SyncTrash folder created by BTSync after a user-specified period. This is a temporary, Mac-specific hack while we wait for a built-in solution; currently, deleted files would otherwise stay on disk forever or until manually deleted.

This can be done using cron jobs, etc. Hazel is just easier.

What these rules do:

- watch BT SyncTrash folders

- compress each file (zip) one day after it was moved to .SyncTrash

- delete zipped files after 30 days

- delete empty folders

- apply all the above recursively to nested folders

How to set up these rules in Hazel:

- show hidden files & folders in Finder (made easier if you use TotalFinder or PathFinder)

- add every .SyncTrash/ folder you have, i.e. one per root folder synced by BTSync

- import the hazel rules.

- feel free to tweak dates, etc.

Hope this helps.

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