Verizon Fios and BitTorrent Sync Problems


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I may have found a problem with verizon fios and bittorrent sync. anytime bittorrent sync is running, i peridoically (every 5 minutes or less) will lose my internet connection at the router. the router will completely lose all connectivity, almost as if its rebooting. it then reboots itslelf and regains internet activity. this only happens when sync is running.

I thought it was a problem with upnp because i read that fios does not play well with upnp, but it still happens after disabling upnp. it actually happened 2x while typing this post.

I am running:

Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS x64

BitTorrent Sync Version 1.0.130

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You have an Actiontec router I'm assuming?

I don't think it's specifically FIOS that's the problem, I've been syncing for weeks using 2 machines behind a FIOS router and one remote machine without any problems. Perhaps you can try a firmware update on the router?

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