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btsync, at least on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit, causes DNS lookup timeouts about 5%-10% of the time.

It is not a driver problem or a connection issue. You can literally kill the process and the it works perfectly again.

It does not matter what DNS server you use, or even if it is cached locally.

To check if you're having similar problems, download namebench (Google Code) and run a test. It's really hard to reliably test it without running at least 100 dns queries, and namebench does a good job of testing that and it's open source.

You only need to test your current provider, so don't have those top two checkboxes checked.

For reference, I have attached screenshots of typical results for me with and without btsync running.

Note that with btsync running, my dns queries are 5x slower because so many more of them are timing out. I get no timeouts without btsync running, and about 20 to 40 timeouts per 250 lookups with btsync running.

In a browser, it can take longer than the 3.5 seconds seen here for the dns query to timeout, making this an intolerable issue.



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