BTSync prevents NAS to enter sleep mode?


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I've just realized that on my NAS (WD My Book Live 3 TB version), after BTSync is installed and is running, my NAS unit almost (or never) enters sleep mode.

Could it be that the btsync daemon running in the background prevents the system from entering sleep mode ? This could lead to shortened hardware life, and isn't a good practice in general.

What are possible workaround for this ? How about giving an option for btsync to throttle/pause when there is no activity(transfer in/out) after x minutes, so that the system can sleep for a while ?

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Are there any settings I could fiddle around with that could help to get the device to sleep?

Right now I simply can't use btsync on the MyBookLive as it keeps the disk spinning all the time.

btw, I started a thread here as well and it seems that there are more people experiencing problems:

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Where do i find that option?

it's not under preferences (next to Add folder) under the tab settings or tab Authorization..

and not in the preferences > general tab or Advanced tab for each folder seperately.




another guy asked the same question like me :-)



how can I make the NAS folder rescan interval shorter (I haven't found any option in the Web GUI nor any config file on the NAS)?





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I changed the folder rescan interval on my MyBookLive but it did not help. However what I found in the logs during nights was that it woke up every 30min. 

Right now I increased the folder rescan interval from 0min to 6h on my other PC that is running 24/7. Maybe this PC contacting my MyBookLive woke it up...

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I know this is an old post but it's top of list in search.


I have latest version of BTSync (1.2.91) and this is preventing my MBL from sleeping.

MBL is 1TB version and a few years old also with latest patches on.


I decided to use a cron job to switch off BTSync at night in the meantime as it's used in the day. I have updated the rescan to be 12hrs but that made no odds to sleep issue.


I used this post to point me in right place as standard cron jobs were not being processed so had to edit the list under the /etc folder



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