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Hi Sync Team,

I'd like to use BT Sync as the sync technology for desktop apps that I develop (mainly Windows).

Is there a way to achieve this right now? E.g. CLI commands?

What I want to do to is just have my app register a folder/folders (with a secret) with BTS on the machines my app is installed. I'll then let BTS take care of keeping the data up to date.

This isn't the same usecase as some apps storing the Application data on say Dropbox. I want to sync actual files controlled by my app be p2p synced.

Ideally there would be a BTSync Library which I can use on my app independent of BTS sync app being installed. But, I don't mind if it's an API to connect to the BTS app. In the second case, what would my redistribution rights be for the BTS client?

Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

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