BTSync (Windows Server 2003) - Running as a 'service' - This Way It Works

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After a few false starts at getting BTSync to run as a Windows Service - here is what works for me.

Trying various options (srvany, nssm etc) to get the BTSync executable to run as a service did not work for me. Although everything looked right (service running, task manager shows BTSync.exe running under administrator), synchronisation of folders between servers did not work. It worked fine when BTSync was run from a user desktop on each server.

So, we tried another approach - configuring a scheduled job on each server to run when the server starts - this job to run BTSync under user administrator. (suggested in another post here).

This works. With no-one logged in to the servers, folder synchronisation between them works fine.


If it is necessary to change anything - which requires use of the BTSync GUI, it is necessary to:

log in to the server

stop the running copy of BTSync.exe

start it again from the desktop icon - to get the GUI

make changes

close the GUI

reboot the server (to get the scheduled job to start BTSync again) << that bit is a bit unfortunate, as we dont want to reboot servers at all if we can avoid it.

All in all though, this seems to be a way forward to use BTSync. Now we have 'automatic' folder synchronisation between unattended servers. This is exactly what we were looking for.

Hope this is of use to others.

p.s. Hopefully the BTSync development WILL produce a proper Windows Service version!

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