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Hi, I've been thinking a lot lately about whether it would be possible/useful to remove (or better: to give users an alternative to) the one centralized infrastructure btsync uses: the tracker.

Currently, the app registers its shares (and asks for peers) at and/or, but what if we introduced an (optional) URL scheme for the secrets?


  • The first one for compatibility (and simplicity) and uses the official trackers
  • The second one is basically just like the first one but with a URL schema
  • The third one might use another tracking server (i.e. a local one in a company)

While I don't think this will be used a lot, it's a simple extension that might give those who don't want their IPs logged abroad (the tracker might be used to store an IP history for each peer) an extra feeling of privacy.

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@GreatMarko Yeah, I know that, but I'm thinking of users who want to sync their data on the go with changing IPs.

I think of my proposal to be just the icing on the cake of privacy btsync provides. And it wouldn't make life harder for those users who wouldn't use this feature.

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Okay, firstly for your URI syntax. The double slash is not needed if only a path is required ie:


If you want to specify one or more of a host, port, user and password you need the slashes:


or perhaps a special for dht.


OTOH query strings work fine.


As for losing the tracker, well, actually you can't.

You need somewhere to call right at the beginning at a fixed address or DNS name to get you started, to "join the swarm".

But, peer exchange is on the wishlist; this will in effect make every peer into a tracker.

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