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Many meta-files are synced every ten minutes

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Yesterday I set up a btsync-client on my server to use it as a private cloud-storage. All features work fine though, but everytime there appear six files and one directory in my storage-folder (on the server and client) :

metacache (dir), settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat, sync.dat.old, sync.log and

The Problem is, that my desktop client gets new meta-files from the server every ten Minutes.

These new files (mostly 4-9 metacache-files, settings.dat, settings.dat.old, sync.dat.old), that im not really interested in as a "typical user", appear as messages in my OS.

Is there a possibility, to place the hole meta, settings etc. folder out of my storage-sync-path or to deactivate the messages of these? Or do you know some other fault I've made?

The maximum of messages that I got at one time were over 700, maybe because I hasn't been logged in for some hours so that the client has get all files of hours at a time.



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Please update to the latest version of BitTorrent Sync (1.1.15)

Fundamental changes were made between 1.0.x builds and 1.1.x builds - Sync no longer creates a separate metadata file for each file, now all metadata is stored in a single database file.

Once you've updated to 1.1.15, the "metacache" folder and its contents may be safely deleted

Also, you shouldn't sync your "%AppData%/BitTorrent Sync" folder. If you are syncing its parent folder, you should exclude this directory from the sync through the use of .SyncIgnore

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