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I'm syncing about 20GB in 170,000 files, and only one way. This causes the machine with the original data (6 year old Xeon with WinServer 2003) to constantly index. The machine is a bit old, so that may be why, but is there a way to pause indexing (not just pause syncing, which I know you can do)? When I pause syncing, the computers are still using resources constantly (or at least every 10 minutes) to index the files, and I'd like it to just kind of sit idle for a while until I planned on syncing again.

Other than that, Bit Sync seems to work alright on my set up. However, the files usually take a few hours before they sync to the backup machine, which I think is due to the time it takes to index everything. Does it watch for changes, or just re-index the whole thing constantly?

I like this better than my other options, so thanks a bunch to the developers for for making this!

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Does it watch for changes, or just re-index the whole thing constantly?

Sync monitors your files in realtime. In addition, as a fall back, it also rescans your folders every 10 minutes (this interval is configurable through the advanced "folder_rescan_interval" setting)

Pausing syncing should also pause indexing, but I'm not sure that "pausing" ceases all network activity completely i.e. I think when in "paused" state, Sync may still communicate/pings with other devices.

If you only want "sync on demand", and your feel the "pause" option is using up too many of "resources" - the only real option at present would be to only run Sync when you want to sync, and then exit the application when you don't!

Incidentally, what version of Sync are you using? There were some big improvements made to the amount of "resources" (CPU/Memory) that Sync uses in 1.1.x builds - if you're still using a 1.0.x build, please update

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