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The main wishlist thread has become somewhat cluttered because all issues (protocol, features, UI, bugs) are mixed together.

I would like to clear that up a little by starting a separate thread for all UI improvements, i.e. all things that can be made better without adding core features or changing the core behaviour of sync.

Since I only use the Windows GUI, I cannot speak for Mac / web GUIs, but from what I could see on screenshots they should be pretty similar.

Feel free to add your ideas or comment mine here.

My wishes:

  • show the folder (number or short name) in both the "transfer" and "history" tabs
  • add a separate "queue" tab showing all yet unsynced files as a treeview per folder and device with options to skip / ignore single files (or maybe integrate it with the "transfers" tab?)
  • show conflicts / overwritten / deleted files in a separate tab with options to restore the overwritten version
  • show an ETA and/or overall sync progress
  • show a drill-down report at the "finished syncing with <DEVICE>" event so the user can easily determine what exactly was changed without having to scroll through the history tab
  • add an option to skip / defer a running file transfer from the "transfer" tab so more "important" files can be synced first
  • separate the GUI from the worker daemon so BTSync can run as a native Windows service (or use the existing web GUI also for Windows - whatever works)

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