Sync not starting if files or dirs have a comma "," in the name


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My folder had some files with commas in the name and the sync would never start. I have two instances of btsync, one on a server and another on my laptop. On both machines I already had all the files syncd with another program so that when btsync started all it had to do was check the files on both configurations and only update those that were diferent.

Adding dir by dir worked for those dir that didn't have files or dirs with commas in the name. Those that had didn't sync.

But now that I fixed all the files and dirs the sync is working great. I love that it detects files on both systems checks if they are the same and if they are doesn't sync them. This feature relay works as it should and is much more mature than the one in ownCloud. Now I'll be using ownCloud only for a limited number of small files and leave the rest to btsync.

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