Ubuntu 1.1.22 produces invalid secret for Mac client

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I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22.

Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client.

Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...?

I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.

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I am not around my Mac laptop at the moment, and won't be able to get to it to check it for a few hours.

If I recall correctly the Mac client was version ... 1.0.4??? Something along those lines...

When I was getting the "secret is invalid" message I made sure run the "update check" in Mac's BitTorrent Sync client's settings/preferences window to see if there were any updates available. Every time I checked it came back and said it was "up to date"

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The version 1.0.134 is the version on the main servers and the version on the 'do I have the most recent version' check.

That version is incompatible with the version 1.1.22 available in this forum. Even if you remove the initial "A" from a 1.1.22 generated 160 bit secret they won't talk to each other.

As this is Alpha software it's a poor idea to mix versions as there are likely to be significant changes between versions. Between 1.0.134 and 1.1.22 there are a lot of very significant changes.

Please remember "Alpha Software" means "It will break and it will eat your babies (pictures)".

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For anyone still lingering with the same issue; the different BTSync app versions do not work with each other due to updates in the transfer protocols. Until the BTSync app is out of beta, always ensure that you're using the exact same versions (when possible) between all nodes.

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