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I recently discovered this awesome-looking application while listening to the Security Now podcast. The only problem is that I'm blind and using a screen reader called NVDA. My screen reader struggles to read most of the content of the application, so much that I have to use something known as flat review which basically simulates the mouse. This wouldn't be a problem but flat review can be extremely difficult to use, especially on applications like this one. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong that doesn't make it accessible, but could there be something done to change this? thanks!

P.S. I appoligize if this was posted in the wrong forum.

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Yeah, I've just loaded up Microsoft Narrator and had a browse around Sync's interface with Narrator running.... an you're right, screen readers really struggle with Sync!!

This is certainly something the Sync team should look into, however, obviously at present, Sync is still very much in an "alpha" phase (which has only been publicly available now for a little over two months!)... and therefore, I suspect screen reader accessibility won't currently be at the very top of the developer's list of priorities.

However, you do raise a very valid issue, so thank you for posting your feedback in the forums! The developers do frequent these forums, and so will undoubtedly pick up on this! ...therefore hopefully at some point in the not too distant future, Sync will have better accessibility support for screen readers! :)

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Yeah I figured something like this could happen. Its still usable enough to add folders to sync, though barely so I can still enjoy its benefits.

also No offence intended but Narrator until about windows 8 is pretty much a joke screen reader or a screen reader to use while you install a new screen reader :)

Its understandable that one would consider it a real screen reader though, but the only opperating systems that come with an actual, functioning screen reader are Macs and Linux. I still appreciate that you tried though, thanks again. :)

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