Sync from Windows to Android taking forever

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I have a 3.5GB file that I am trying to sync from Windows 7 (1.1.27) to Android (1.1.7 on a Galaxy S4 going to the external SD card) and it has been running for a few hours. The Windows client says that it is running mostly over 3MB/s so it should have finished in about 15 minutes. On the phone the KB/s status keeps popping up and disappearing so it looks like nothing is happening there, but Windows continues to show progress. The folder that is syncing is very small and only has one other file in it that is a few hundred MB.

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You'll get far faster speeds if you transfer between your Android and your Computer over wi-fi, rather than over your Cellular Data connection! - this will likely explain your slow speeds.

In addition, I have a feeling that currently the Android client can only handle files up to 2GB in size? (At least that was the case with 1.1.5 - I've not tested this with 1.1.7 yet - but I'm sure someone will chip in to confirm/deny!?)

However, it does sound like a bug if Sync was transferring over your Cellular Data connection, even if you had this option disabled within Sync. Do use the "Send Feedback" option within the Android app to let the developers know!

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