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I now have installed the latest Android version 1.1.7 which support Full Sync (Selective Sync in prior versions was no option for me, since I want to sync my music/image collection to the phone/tablet automatically).

Basically everything works fine.

But there is a strange behaviour: even if everthing is synced, and no files change, it does again some syncing (both GUIs indicate that there are uploads/downloads active). Then after a while it's synced again, but this behaviour does not stop (Windows version is current 1.1.27)

Another observation: after restarting the App it seems to index everything again. This takes a while (and probably also has an negative impact on battery life) for my 4000 images that are synced. This surely is no major problem on desktop clients, but for mobile clients there may be a better approach.

Then my wishlist:

  • option to hide the icon in the notification bar (I know there is an option to hide icons for apps, but this would also hide icons with "real notifications" like errors or status reports, etc.). If the app is implemented as service, there is no need to "keep the app alive" with the notification trick. Also because BTSync probably handles app terminations and restarts anyway.
  • make the functionality similar to the desktop app: show which devices are online, show status in the overview (synced, uploading, downloading), size and number of files of each folder
  • notifications if files have been received/updated (optional)
  • include some basic help texts, so that one knows how the functions basically work (e.g. camera backup: does it copy? does it move? what happens if I delete images one device? what happens if I delete images on remote folder?)

But overall: very good work!

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(Using BT-Sync 1.1.27 oin Windows 7 64 Bit and 1.1.7 on Android 4.2.2)

I also observe that folders already synced and were not changed occasionally are marked as out of sync After a while they are marked in sync again (but without any transfer in the history) It looks as if power-save might play a role in this, If the device is in use it seems that the files keep in sync.

I observed the following problem:

If a file gets deleted at the PC while btsync on Android is not running, the Android-Client will retransmit the file to the PC after restart of btsync.

If btsync was running and only no network connection, the behaviour is OK. Then the file will be deleted on the Android-Client.

(One might to stop btsync on Android due to power consumption - OK, not very much in idle state but noticeable)


- better notification for the syncstate. The optimum would be to indicate if anything has changed locally, separately indicate if anything has changed remotely and indicate if there are active transfers. Within the app a logfile-viewer would be nice so that one can see what currently is happening.

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Instead of making a new post I think it would be nice to have one general post about the Android App...

Sync app ver 1.1.7

Linux BTSync ver: 1.1.27

I would like to see a better Camera Backup.

For me it works but when I click on the Backup tab 98% of the time I just see "Auto backup is on Connecting..."(Picture)

While that message is up if I go to the Sync tab I see there is a folder Camera added to the list (Picture) and everything syncs just fine, it just seems to me like it has not been implemented very well in the app.


One more thing I think people should be aware of, when you send files through the Send tab the secrete generated for the QR code is a full access code, so if while your devices are tethered one of the devices deletes the file on their device it will be deleted on all devices.

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