Updated files not syncing after being updated by robocopy /mir

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Hi All

I'm finding BTSync really useful for a few different things. One use is to sync log files from a remote location to my PC. There are 30 log files, that loop through log00.csv to log30.csv, with a new file created each day (it's a terrible set-up for the log files but it's an industrial system and I can't change it).

The process I've set up is:

The log files are downloaded to a local PC.

The log files are mirrored from the source folder to another folder using the robocopy /mir command.

That mirrored folder is shared read-only by BTS.

My PC syncs that folder, but it isn't syncing the files as they update. For example, one of the log files is now 12kB on the source PC but is 34kB (and older) on my PC.

I've enabled debug logging and found this in the local PC's log:

[2013-07-08 11:13:48] SyncFilesController: Update for invalidated file Logs\Log27.csv (R/O). Skipping

Any ideas?



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Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply.

How can I reset it so that those files are updated? I'd like any changes on the downstream end (i.e. my PC) to be overwritten ideally. Do I need to remove the folders, generate a new secret and re-add or is there another step required?


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Guest proactiveservices

I think so, I've just found this thread whilst looking up "Update for invalidated file". Attributes, security ACLs etc. were all fine and I could read the file. Some UI warnings for this would be great.

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I think this has been partially addressed with the GUI option called "Restore modified files to original version" , which is a pretty self-explanatory option.

You can find it on the "client" side of a read-only sync, in the Folders tab, right click a folder, preferences, it's there right above the secret.

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