Bug: BTSync for Android 1.1.7 uses Cellular Data

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Using BTSync 1.1.7 on Android 4.2.2

"Use Cellular Data" is disabled.

But I see 4 MB of Traffic generated by BTSync on mobile data (most of it in background mode)

With cellular data disabled I expect this value to be 0.

And also this seems to be quite a lot of traffic for less than half a day without having to synchonize any data.

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I experienced this problem as well. With only a small number of files to sync, having the app installed on my phone used 20MB of cellular data in just 2 days. It does not appear to be syncing any files using cellular data. It's probably just constantly communicating with peers, checking for new files, though it won't actually download the new files until Wi-Fi is available. Needless to say, the "don't use cellular data" setting should apply to ALL forms of traffic.

My solution: until this is fixed, use the Android settings to restrict background data for the BitTorrent Sync app. Go to Settings > Data Usage > BitTorrent Sync > Restrict background data. This does not affect background data usage when connected to Wi-Fi, so BTSync will continue to work on Wi-Fi just like you want it do, but nothing will touch the cellular network (unless you leave the BTSync app open in the foreground).

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I also have the problem.  BitTorrent Sync on my Droid HD MAXX (Android 4.1.2, BTSync v 1.1.38) uses cellular data to sync even when the "Use Cellular Data" setting for the app is not checked.  Previously, before I discovered this setting, I had the problem of using almost 2GB in a single day, so set the not to use cellular data.  The app seemed to behave until recently when I added a large directory to sync and experienced the problem, again.  

This time I turned off Mobile Data use completely at the phone level.  I set the "restrict background on cellular" option for the app and unchecked the "Use Cellular Data" in BTS settings.  Then I removed all the data restrictions sequentially until I have only the BTS setting "Use Cellular Data" unselected.  It's behaving again.  Syncing now occurs only when Wi-Fi in connected.  

Could it be that the "Use Cellular Data" setting is only effective for the sync'd folders that exist when the option is set and that sync items added after the option is set aren't constrained?

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