[BUG] Files moved on my iMac are removed on my other computers...

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[bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33]

I started using BitTorrent Sync yesterday. It has great potential, but there is a major bug that I can replicate every time!


The computers involved are two iMacs and a MacBook Pro, all three machines running OS X 10.7.5.


I sync'd a 6 GIG folder (that contains 3,800+ files) on my work iMac with my home iMac and also my MacBook Pro. The initial sync worked well.

The problem occurs when I move files from one folder to another...

When I move a file on one computer (it does not matter which one), the moved file disappears on the other two computers when the sync fires (I am moving files around only within the sync'd folder).

So for example, I move a file to a sub-folder (within the sync'd folder) on my work iMac. That file disappears on my home iMac and my MacBook Pro.

Then, to make matters worse, if I update another file which again fires the sync, the file that I moved on my work iMac disappears from my work iMac (presumably because the file no longer exists on the other two computers).

I checked the trash bin on all three computers and the file is not there.

Then I check the .SyncTrash folder and behold, the file is there on all three computers.

Not being able to move files around from folder to folder is a pretty serious bug.

This same exact issue has occurred when I rename a file. But that bug seems hit-or-miss. Sometimes the rename syncs across all three computers. Sometimes the renamed file disappears and ends up in the .SyncTrash folder. Considering a rename is really a move in Unux, that makes sense.

I also noticed that, if a file exists in the .SyncTrash folder on the laptop and I try to recreate a file with the same name on the iMac, the newly created file on the iMac is not synced to the Macbook.

When reviewing the sync history, the history on the computer where the file was moved says "Renamed file [file name]" and the history on the other computers says "[computer name] removed file [file name]."

I tested this issue for several hours on all three machines and I can replicate this bug every time without fail. I even went so far as deleting the sync'd folder, completely removing the app, re-installing and syncing again and the same issue occurs... every time!

BitTorrent Sync has great potential but right now it cannot be trusted.



[bUG FIXED - 7/10/2013 - Ver 1.1.33]

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Hello all,

Quick question: was that bug only in 1.1.30 or also in 1.1.27.

Sorry if I missed that info in the text, am just on mobile and try to figure out if I have to rush updating ;-)

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